"I may not be there yet,
but I'm closer than
I was yesterday."

Monday, March 3, 2014

Mistake Monday

 Big mistake to think that writing on a cake is like writing on paper. Trust me when I say, "I was out of my MIND to think that."
 I was told that after writing on the first twenty or so cakes it would get easier. HA! That still gives me a laugh. I've written on well over two hundred cakes and I still get it wrong at times.
 Full sheets are truly the hardest though. These size cakes feed up to a hundred people. These are really big cakes. Which means you have a lot of writing and work to do to fill it.
 Some cakes like this air sprayed cake looked beautiful without any writing on it. It truly looked beautiful. Then I wrote on it and it turned into this.
It also would be wise to make sure you read the name right before you spell it out on the cake. Just for the soul fact... that not everyone is willing or as patient to wait for you to fix these little goof ups.
 Flowers have been the easiest thing thankfully. 

That writing thing though... was truly the devil to work with.

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