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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wheat Free Wednesdays

 So I work in a bakery. I clearly bake, I decorate cakes, make our guests happy, and do a lot of other things. Well two things our bakery doesn't do... is make things from scratch, and do creative things outside of the book for decorating. I don't like this. I live with it, but don't like it. Well since I now have the Iced Apron up and running I'm starting some weekly activities. 

Messed up Mondays- this will be story time for what ever I messed up terribly on.

Wheat free Wednesday- I'll make something wheat free and share pictures of the out come of such projects.

Flower Fridays-Flowers, one of the fun, hard, and most creative things someone can make from anything. I'm still learning but that doesn't mean I can't share what I've done. :)

 So for Wheat free Wednesday I made vanilla whoopie pies. They are indeed small all of them formed to be about the size of a quarter. But all of them poofed up to be about half an inch tall.
 They were fluffy and soft to eat which was really nice to have. They didn't crumble into sand once you bit into it. Though making them thinner will be my next goal.
 Trying different kinds of methods to make the whoopie pies larger or taller was fun and yet hard since the dough was the consistency of a cookie batter. I'm sure if I added chocolate chips to it they would have been cookie mounds.
 Once they cooled they peeled off the wax paper nicely. Filling the whoopie pies with icing was easy too. The whole make, bake, and eat process took about twenty to thirty minutes. It was fast, quick, easy, and very yummy. Though flavor will be needed for the cookies for next time. They were a little too plain for me.
The end process was still wonderful and I made about 24 little whoopie pies for my lunches. It was very fun and relaxing.

Now I hope you all have a wonderful night and take care of yourself!

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