"I may not be there yet,
but I'm closer than
I was yesterday."

Monday, February 24, 2014

Pratice makes perfect.

Hearing kids gasp at the things made in the bakery makes me smile for the soul fact that I was like that too. I'd stand and stare at the creations being made. No matter how simple to how hard they looked to be made. When I started in the bakery I was given two very simple jobs. Make grimlins and ice cup cakes. After working in the bakery I began to realize you can do anything to the little critters that they were a hit no matter what you did. Getting creative I made a one eye purple people eater. You just can't go wrong with a purple people eater.

 Even make their eyes wonky.
 Even make them look like they barely escaped a 4th of July show.
 Because, at the end of any giant event you're always lucky enough to escape out of there with the smallest part of your hearing and sanity, in this case hair too.

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