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but I'm closer than
I was yesterday."

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Things to learn Thursday

 Things to learn when decorating cakes:
1.) Don't air spray unless you know what you're doing. (In my case I didn't.)
 2.) Don't take a picture of the side of the cake that is slanted. (beginner errors)
 3.) If someone brings it back... ruined. Don't show it to the decorator. It only makes them sad and then makes them rethink what they did wrong to make this happen. This is a twenty minute cake that was ruined in seconds. I was told the woman that bought the cake said "It just slipped." When we know she let her son hold the cake.

Things to learn: Cake #2
 1.) When you learn how to finally use the air spray gun on the flowers. Don't be surprised by the fading of the colors because of the harsh lights in the case. Whipped icing already has a hard enough time holding colors. It has an even harder time holding color that was sprayed onto it.
In front it still looked amazing though thankfully. The woman cared none the less as well.

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