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but I'm closer than
I was yesterday."

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wedding Cake

 Wedding cakes, one of my first and it will never be one of my lasts.
 Gum paste lilies.
 Nine flowers, four tiers of carrot cake with oven roasted pecans. The top two tiers had no pecans for those that had allergies.
 The flowers were dusted with petal dust and luster dust. My assistant/ sister-in-law is truly an artistic genius! She did a stunning job and dusting the flowers.

 Four days of long hard work later we had a stunning cake for my friend.

 It was a hit. The guests enjoyed it and so did the bride and the groom. As a gift from the bakery to the happy couple I make them a separate tier for the couple to enjoy on their honeymoon.

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