"I may not be there yet,
but I'm closer than
I was yesterday."

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Busy busy.... Did I mention busy?

I know this isn't cake related but, I think I can let this one slide. I'm engaged and soon to be married this October. I kiiind of let things slip out of my grasp these last few months while I worked on preparing for the wedding and trying to find a new venue for the wedding. I've also been working on finding a new florist, caterer, and many more things.

At the moment I feel like a rancher trying to herd cats in the middle of a yarn field.

Non the less I'm sorry for going missing for so long. I'm back now and will start getting things up and running again. Even though this blog seems dead and bare my hands sure weren't with all the food coloring and gum paste I've been working with. I can't wait to share the cakes with all of you. :)

Happy Icing!


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